Toasted French bread with tomato, cheese & capers

​This is a very easy recipe which everyone can make. It is something similar to Bruschetta, but you can prepare it much faster.  I recommend it for when you are on a rush and still hasn’t eaten anything or for when you feel hungry late in the night. Depends on how much you make and eat, it is not a proper meal, but more like a snack.

Toasted French bread with tomato, cheese & capers

You will need:
– French Bread
– Butter
– Cheese

​- Tomato
– Capers
– Olive oil
– Oregano
– Black pepper
How to make:
Cut the cheese and tomatoes in small pieces.
Toast two slices of French bread and once ready immediately spread the butter. I used soy butter.
On top of it add the ingredients.

Pour some olive oil and add the spices. You can use any other spices you have. Cut on triangles and enjoy.

This really is easy to make recipe and is very tasty. Do you have anything similar to recommend?

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