Travel experiences

travel experiences

My dear boho souls, a lot of that happened in my life in the last few months and I had a crazy travel experiences. My journey was not so pleasant, and I lost my inspiration for a while. I even lost myself for a certain period of time, and I didn’t know where to next and what to expect. Β But as always, I appreciate everything going on around, and I always try to take out the best of the things happening to me.

My travel experiences

I want to give you a short retrospective of the things that happened in the last four months. That will help you getting to know me better, and I can easily express myself in the future. I will be honest as much as I can, and I really hope you will find any kind of inspiration, or whatever useful in my story. For sure I can tell it is kind of a bohemian story.

Leaving Malta

The crazy journey started with leaving Malta. Being that I am here again, it looks like everything of what happened was taking the unnecessary turn from the path. But, I always say that if something happens, there is a big reason for it. I did not appreciated well what I had, and life had to tech me that lesson. I left Malta all alone, and disappointed, since me and my partner got an idea that our flight is in the evening, and it was actually in the morning. We realized this 12 hours before the flight, and some thing were still not finished. So, he had to stay four more days, and I left alone. I was not really feeling well because of this. I couldn’t understand how we could mix the time. Up in the sky I had a nice monologue in my head. The sky, the clouds and some mountains peaking above them helped me feels so small and tiny, and that brought me some new feeling and emotions.

bohemian story plane malta

I arrived to Sofia, Bulgaria. Waited for 5 hours for a bus, and in the meantime I arranged with my sister and my mother to pick me up from Kumanovo in Macedonia. I informed them that I have landed in Sofia, once I was there. To be honest, I didn’t plan anything after we realized that the flight is in the morning. Everything that we had planed was changed. But, it was not a big problem for me, I always find my way home. πŸ™‚

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Two weeks in Macedonia

Being in my home town Shtip, was very nice. Being with the family was even better. Once again they helped me understand the meaning of the family. I spend a lot of my time with them. Back home I was diagnosed with low Iron (Fe) in my blood, and I had to take substitute for it, and eat much better.

I sow some of my friends. Some of those who are left there, since everyone seems like being on a different side of the world. I also traveled a bit, and visited some nice places. I went to Ohrid, the best tourist place in Macedonia, than Gjevgelija and Kozuf Mountain, Skopje and Mavrovo the Natural Resort on the Mountain Bistra. I had a wonderful time home.

Bistra mountain macedonia snow nature trees
Bistra Mountain

A month in Prague, Czech Republic

On first of December we arrived in Prague. We found ourselves here because my partner had an job offer. We were both supposed to be working in a nice hotel. But, once we arrived many of the thing were not as promised. I don’t want to go so much into details. What is important to know is that I worked only 9 days and than I stopped. The reason were my documents, and while that was arranged I was supposed to just wait. Waiting was not helping a lot, and no one from the company was doing anything to fix the problem. So obviously, I had the experience whit what I had to do, so I was going from institution to institution begging for someone to speak on English and guide me. The idea that no one wanted to speak English was making me nervous. This helped me realize that I deffinitely want to live in an English spoken country.

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Prague castle river voltva
Prague Castle peaking and the river Vltava

My boyfriend was working almost all day, and I spend my days sleeping, walking around the Old City, staring from the window, writing and asking myself “Now what?”. As the days were passing, it was obvious that we won’t stay there. We realized what we had, and what we left behind. Dear people, appreciate what you have and remember that with leaving of a certain place, you will definitely loose something. We lost the wonderful comfort and the great ambient we had on that small island of Malta. The job financially was better, but with that many hours that we had to work in the new company, and all the idiotic pressure from the idiot around was not worth of staying. I deeply apologize for using this word, but there are no other words to describe some people!!!

After a month of big pressure and patience, we decided to go to London. We still didn’t want to go back to Malta. I have a friends in London, and they were willing to let us stay in their place and see what London has to offer.

Two weeks in London, UK

After 19 hour traveling with the bus, we arrived to this enormous city. A friend of ours took us from the bus station. Arriving to the Tube was like a shock for me. Everyone was like running somewhere, there were a lot of people, and the place simply told me “easy now girl, this is London!”

We arrived in West London in the Ealing Common area, to the apartment of my friends. They were on a holiday in Macedonia, so we had everything we needed to feel like home, to relax and of course take care of the fishes, Tom the cat and Luly the dog. πŸ˜€

Arriving to London, we had 4 days of Hell. By partner got so sick with swollen tonsils and high temperature. Those days were very hard, we had to go to hospital, and yap…. if you ever had that kind of illness than you know how it is. Just imagine you are in a foreign country and you almost don’t know anyone! Read the whole story here.

We didn’t move a lot from Ealing Common, and after just 6 days being there, we knew that definitely we are not for there. Many reasons were included, and we couldn’t wait to come back to Malta! We were under a lot of pressure by now. Just think of what we thought it will be, what happened, and what was still going on. We still didn’t had a home, and we didn’t know what will happen. We stayed in London until 16 of January.

Arriving back to Malta

When on 16 I get on the plane, and I heard the Maltese talking around me, I can not explain how happy I was. Knowing that I am going back to Malta brought so many positive emotions in me, and I couldn’t wait to land. Once we landed, there was only one thing going on in my mind “We are home!”. For two and a half months we stayed at our friends place. My gratitude to them for making space for us, in their lovely boho home.

But, still nothing was done. Actually you should imagine what follows. Finding jobs and finding new home. That my dear boho souls, also took us a while. With no incomes for me, looking for a job and a perfect home, I was only left to deal with my patience and nothing else. This was also one of the biggest lessons for me.

I did find a great job, I just started last month. We did find the perfect home, and here am I spreading my joy around. Being back in Malta feels so god. Now I know the place I want to be. Once I only knew where I don’t want to be. I found an environment where I fit, and I fill like belonging. Finally I fill I can freely express myself and be myself. What is mine will come.

“Have patience little one, the best is jet to come!!! Thank you God…”

So how were your travel experiences so far? πŸ™‚

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6 Replies to “Travel experiences”

  1. I am sorry you went through all this Slage. But it is a lesson and in no other way you would have valued what you had before plus now you know Malta is your place to be πŸ™‚ I lived in Belgium and that (weather, schedules, food..hihi) made me realize there is no better place than Barcelona for me. Living in one place but travelling to thousands!


    1. Thank you for the support and understanding Lau, and I believe one day we meet. Be well. <3

  2. I have such a great time reading your article. Everything is happening for a reason. Sometimes we all must go to the hell and back to realize that we are were we suppose to be. I was very surprised that in Czech Republic were so unfriendly.

    1. Hi Marcela, thank you for your time. Here is a short story: In two days I visited four institutions, and from one they were sending me to another. They even send me to the offices that doesn’t exist any more. The most craziest thing was that they gave me a phone to call someone who speaks English, and I called saying: “Hi I need someone who speaks English”, and the lady on the other side of the line answering in English: “Well you have to find a translator and than call, sorry I can not help you”!!! This made me so nervous, I even started crying there in the hall, begging for help…..

  3. Tony (tonyandkimoutdooradventures) says:

    Well done on your travels so far. You are going into the deep end most of the time, but you will start finding out something each time and the experiences will get better. You just want to decide if working and travelling every now and then is what you want or keep trying to travel full time. We loved London and are used to the busy lifestyle, but in our country Australia you can escape the busy lifestyle a head a little west. good luck with future travels, and stay safe.

    1. Thank you Tony. Wish you all the best. πŸ™‚

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