Valletta 2018 – European Capital of Culture ready for the big opening

Valletta 2018

2018 has definitely been a long waited year for Malta. Valletta 2018 cultural program starts in Valletta, the capital is opening the doors to many cultural events that are going to take place this year. The big opening of Valletta 2018 is booked for 14th until 21th of January. I must admit that I am very exited about all of this. Valletta truly is an amazing city with a great architecture and a wonderful spirit. It definitely deserve to be one of UNESCO heritage sites. I know it wont disappoint the public expected this year.

Valletta 2018

The big opening celebration is taking place only in Valletta in many different locations with different events, music and entertainment for everybody. Than it reaches towns and villages all over the islands of Malta and Gozo. Expect a lot of street artists and performers around the wonderful streets of the capital. There will be many exhibitions and many other things that will let us discover Valletta and it’s fascinating history. Many of the events are going to take place on the main squares of Valletta, St George’s Square, St John’s Square, Castille Square and the new area around the Triton Fountain, just in front of the main entrance at the city. This Four Squares (Erba’ Pjazez) will be hosting an original spectacle on the 20th of January (The day when Valletta officially becomes European Capital of Culture) . Each show will be 20 minutes, reapited 5 times at 7pm, 8pm, 9pm,10pm and 11pm. So be sure not to miss them. All the performances, celebration, digital projections, video arts and more are promising a magical atmosphere.

The events for the opening week are divided in six themes: Festa, Music & Theatre, Pop-up/Music, Children & Joung People, Sport, and History. For more info please take a look on this link.


I will for sure be present on some of the events. I am a part of the voluntering pograme and everyone is welcome to sign in. You can participate in all the event’s that are going to take place this year. The benefits are a lot. On the 19th of January I am going to be in the Museum of Invented Culture.

For the big opening on the 20th I am going to have my camera and capture everything that is going on around the city. Other events that I want to go is Augustinian Convent (500 years old underground will be open for public ).

Another event is An Angle on the Anglecan ( St. Paul’s Anglican Pro-Cathedral will open its doors to the public all week. That will enabe all visitors to inhale the history inscribed into its walls). I will let you know how it was. 🙂 Take a look at the video.

With a 150 projects and more than 400 events for 2018, it that it is going to be an amazing year to celebrate. To be up to date with all the events install Valletta 2018 App. Come back for more on The Bohemian Style , and enjoy the celebration with me.


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