Valletta 2018 opening ceremony and performances

Valletta 2018 opening ceremony performance

On the 20th of January 2018 Valletta become European Capital of Culture, and there was a Valletta 2018 opening ceremony and performances all around the city. I got a free entrance for the ceremony, because of the volunteering program of Tal-Kultura that I am part of. It took place at the Mediterranean Conference Center (MCC). The organisation was great, there was food, drinks, performances and speeches by some professors, politicians and of course the president.

On the way to Mediterranean Conference Center (MCC). The same place where Comic Con was held.

I got pleasantly surprised how everything was organised. Once I reached to MCC, there was a red carpet all around, security officers and hosts to welcome everything who comes. I had to register and take my ticked and name tag. Before the official opening ceremony started, I entered a hall room (if I can say it like that), and I really liked how this looked. Take a look at the picture.

The hall room. Before Valletta 2018 opening ceremony started

There were drinks and finger food, and many people, from which only a few I knew from before, they were also part of the volunteering program, but they disappeared and I didn’t see them after. 🙂

When the time came for the ceremony, I really enjoyed the music performances, but when it came to the speeches, I couldn’t say much, because I didn’t understand anything. Luckily there were some brochures with all the speeches from everyone translated on English. For some it may did a difference, but not for me. I left earlier just because of that.

Soldier performance. I really liked this part.
Valletta 2018 opening ceremony
Musical performance. This was really nice.

I was in charge of taking photos for social sharing from the performances and everything that was happening around.

Republic Street

I headed myself towards the Triton Fountain, because there was one of the performances of Erba’ Pjazez. Luckily I managed to find a good spot near Hasting gardens in a way that I see better. All around the fountain and the entrance and the bridge were crowded with people. I pity those who got stuck there, since I believe it was hard to see from there. I really enjoyed this, and it was a great performance.

Valletta 2018 opening ceremony performances
Giant man figure walking around Triton Fountain. One of the performances of Erba Pjazez
Valletta 2018 opening ceremony
Network of people gave a great performance in the sky. 🙂

After this finished, I headed myself to some of the other squares, because on every hour on every square there were performances organized. I choose to wait for the next one on the Castille Square. It was a video projection on the building of Castille, and this was an amazing show. It started from the earliest history evidences about Malta, to everything that happened in between, ending with what is happening today. Here, I will share some videos of how it was. Enjoy it.

I must admit that Valletta was crowded, but there was a good reason for that. I wished I could stay more, and took photos and videos of the other performances, but I was exhausted and tired, and even this was enough. All in all I enjoyed it and I am looking forward to many more events to come, and share them with you.

I am very sorry I am a little bit late with this post, I was a bit busy, but I hope you got an idea of how it was. If you were there let me know what you think of Valletta 2018 opening ceremony and the performances and all the events that are taking place.

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