Valletta Bucket List – Things you shouldn’t miss

Valletta Bucket list

Valletta Bucket List

Valletta is a city that doesn’t take a lot of time to discover, but if you want to experience all the things the city offers, then you will need this Valletta Bucket List. If you are spending the summer in Malta check each of these essential Valletta experiences. Enjoy the exploring!

Morning take-away coffee

Costa Take Away Coffee at Lower Barakka Garden
Costa Take Away Coffee at Lower Barakka Garden

During the mornings, everyone is running towards their work place. The city is the biggest financial and banking centre in the country. There are many offices and shops and you can find many people running down Republic or Merchant Street, quickly grabbing a coffee and a breakfast snack. Down the Republic Street you can find many shops selling take-away coffee. If you end up early in Valletta, for whatever reason, grab your take away cup, notice the Maltese people and their way of acting, and find a spot in some of Valletta’s Gardens to say “Hi” to the new day.

See a show in Manoel Teathre

On the Old Theater Street you can find the third oldest working Theater in Europe. There are new shows very often, and the satisfaction it offers is more than just a show. There are even tours organizes for exploring the theater building. So, check what’s on, and book your place.

Visit the Grand Master’s Palace & see the Changing of the Guard

St George Square
St George Square

If you want to see something typically Maltese, visit the Grand Master’s Palace. The changing of the guard takes place at 10:30 every last Friday of the month, held on the St. George’s square. It is an interesting spectacle.

Admire the view from Upper Barakka Garden

At Upper Barakka Garden
At Upper Barakka Garden

Such a lovely place in Valletta from where you can admire the view towards the Three Cities and the Grand Harbor. The view from the top is simply spectacular. And every day at noon there is a Saluting Battery. Give it a chance!

Buy something from the open market

Every day, from the early morning, until 2 in the afternoon, there is an open market. It used to be on Merchant Street, but just the other day I’ve noticed that they moved it after the main entrance of the capital. Give it a chance you may find something very interesting and extra cheap.

Explore Valletta by Karozzine

A ride with this costs around 40 eurso
A ride with this costs around 40 eursos

I am sure that you won’t miss the horse-drawn Karozzine, which can take you around this old city. It can be interesting and also romantic idea.

Try a Maltese Platter

Here I am talking about goat’s cheese, sun dried tomatoes, olives, capers, Maltese sausage, traditional bean paste, and everything served with Maltese bread. Very tasty!!!

Go on a 5D show

Old Bakery Street
Old Bakery Street

Bring some childish fun in the day. On the Old Bakery Street there is a history movie about Malta. It is showing every 30 minutes, and it is presented in 5D. It can be very funny though.


Tip the street artists

My dear friend Leon performing on his guitar
My dear friend Leon performing on his guitar

On the main street, Republic Street, you will find a lot of artist showing us their interesting talents. Find which one will inspire you and make you feel better, or touch you in any other way, and tip it.

Get a bit of London Style

For sure you will notice the red telephone and mail boxes. Be creative and make some nice picture, as many people do find it inspiring.

At the end here we are with the ten things from the Valletta Bucket List. I really hope you will enjoy your holiday and don’t forget to make it Maltese as much as you can. Please check the rest of The Bohemian Style.