Valletta on a day off

National Library Malta Valletta Statue Queen Victoria

I never take Valletta for granted. It is an amazing city and I like spending time around it. From time to time I like to go there and admire everything the city has to offer.

It may be one of the smallest capital cities and there is always something going on. It is a 500 years old city and all the buildings are still standing. It represents the baroque style and it is worth being one of UNESCO sites. Know that in Valletta is European Capital of Culture for the year 2018. I even signed up for the Volunteer Program , and you are very welcome to take part of it.

I few days ago on the afternoon on a day of I went to Valletta and enjoyed my walk around. In this post I will share some pictures that I made of the capital of Malta.

valletta walk republic street the bohemian style
The main street of Valletta, called Republic Street. Running all the way through the center of the city it is always the busiest street. Restaurants and shops all around, museums and churches, many street artists, events taking place and a lot of people.
Valletta St George's Square
At St George’s Square. In the building that you see is the Italian Cultural Institute, and opposite it is The Palace Armory, which I still haven’t visited.
Valletta Merchant Street The Bohemian Style travel
Buildings on Merchant Street. I really like the flowers on the wall, which in most of the time are all bloomed and have amazing colors.
merchant street maltese balconies bohemian style baroque
Maltese balconies on Merchant Street. You can find different types in different colors and they play a big part for the unique of Maltese architecture.
balcony merchant street malta valletta
Great design. This one can e also found on Merchant Street in Valletta.
Bicycle sign restaurant valletta street
Restaurant bicycle sign. I really like all the idea. This is on Archbishop Street, where you can also find another cute restaurants.

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