A guide to Mellieha – The city in the North

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Mellieha is a very small town in the North of Malta. It is known as very beautiful town that brings tranquility. It has different vibes, different surrounding and it can give you totally different kind of holiday in Malta. A holiday to rest and relax. Here is guide for what to see and do in Mellieha.

Short history of Mellieha

The name of this small town comes from the Arabic word for salt, Mellieha. According to the discoveries, the town has been inhabited long ago, since the Neolithic times, but after the Arab conquest, it was deserted. The big development happened under the British rule, which encouraged people to settle in the small town.

Before Arriving

Before you get to Mellieha, you will really have to plan your way to here. It is not very close to the airport, and if you catch bus No. X1, the only one that goes directly from the airport to Mellieha, can take up to 1:30 hours. The other options are a shuttle, airport organized transport, or renting a car or a taxi. If the traffic jam is not very bad reaching Mellieha by car can take around 30 minutes, .

Where to stay

Well, the accommodation market is not very big, but there are many great options like Villas, Apartments, Guest Houses and Hotels. Whatever you choose it will probably have wonderful location, close to the sea and the Maltese countryside. I’ve noticed many villas that look very nice and offer some of the best views on the whole island.

Getting around

Without any questions, the best way to get around Mellieha is on foot, a very comfortable shoes and get walking all around the town, and the places that surround the town. The town is alive during the day, but during the night it fells in total silence, and almost all the shops close after 7:00 pm. So, have this in mind, and get everything you need before it is too late.

What to see

The best attraction in the area of Mellieha would definitely be the Ghadira Bay, probably the best sandy beach on Malta. There are plenty of facilities around the beach that will give you almost everything you need for a day on the beach. Behind this beach comes a protected area known as the Ghadira Nature Reserve, a haven for breeding birds. Very close is Armiera Bay, a popular destination for diving and snorkeling, and near here is the Popeye village, a great attraction for a family holidays. You can have a walk to the Red Tower, dating from 1647 as a communication tower with the other two islands Comino and Gozo.

Village feast

“Il Vitorja” is the feast held in the beginning of September, reaching its main event on 8th of September. As we mentioned before that Maltese people celebrate their holidays, so expect to see a musical concerts, a lot, but a lot of fireworks, traditional folk singing, different food strands, and many religious processions in honor of “Our Lady of Victories”.

I must tell you that Mellieha is situated close to some of the best beaches on Malta. It is very close to the port to Gozo and Comino, but if you want to explore the other part of the island it is best to rent a car, because everything else seems so far from Mellieha.

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