Weekend in Mavrovo

Mavrovo village lake mountain

Another wonderful place I visited when I was in Macedonia, was Mavrovo. A mountain village and one of the best natural resorts in the country. It is located on the west (mountain Bistra) and is considered as one of the biggest tourist attractions in the country, it has a wonderful ski center and a lake. The landscape is amazing and there are many people who have houses and villas for a weekend retreat.

Our friend has a house over there, very close to the lake, so everything was organized and planed well. We didn’t leave the house much, it was very worm and comfy. We hoped we see some snow, and that we can go skiing, but unfortunately that was not the case. Anyway the air was so clean and fresh, the sleep was one of a kind and the time spend, great.


Mavrovo lake village macedonia


mavrovo church
This is the church of St Nicholas, which was built in 1850. Today half of it is in the lake water, but in the summer days only the top can be seen.



This is how Macedonian fall looks like. Pity there was no snow, imagine the all white idyll.

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