What are you grateful for?

Grateful For

To be grateful – feeling or showing an appreciation for something done or received.”
Stop for a while. Leave what you are doing right now. Pay attention. I want you to do something, and it will make you feel good. I promise. In this post I share some things that I am really grateful for. I was re-reading “The Secret”, and the author asked if I can write down the things that I am grateful for. I wrote it in my diary, and I keep reading it since. It is good to remind yourselves of what is essential. And what is, we usually take it for granted.

I am grateful for:

Being alive and healthy
Having what to eat & drink
Living easy life (Keep us safe Lord)
Having a family, mother & sister
Having a lover and a partner
Having friends that thought me menu things
Living away from Macedonia
Living by the sea
Being able of working, responsible and organized
Meeting people from everywhere in the world
Having where to sleep
Having a blog

Being sexy and loved
Being curious and brave
All the experience gained on the way
All the natural beauties
Living on the Earth and having feet to walk around
I am grateful of existing here and now!!!

The list can really go on and on. Are you grateful for being able of breathing and having a water for your thirst? What are you grateful for? Take a paper and write it. Remind yourself and smile.

With much love


Author: Boho Slage

Hi, I am Slage and I want to welcome you to my blog. This is a place where I share my stories, my photographs, and the experiences I have on this journey of mine. I am living on the marvelous island of Malta, and I will always be tormented with an everlasting itch for things remote. I love to sail forbidden seas and land on tropical coasts. I am a bohemian wanderer and a creative soul.