Yoga in the morning. Perfect start for a perfect day

yoga in the morning the bohemian style

Many times my personal experience has shown me that yoga in the morning is a great thing for a perfect day. I’ve been struggling for a while o find my own motivation and inspiration to do things that lift up my well being. I do know how good the yoga is for me, and that’s why I really plan on making this activity and lifestyle part of my everyday life.

Many times I like to play Youtube videos and follow some great channel with yoga classes. The one that I like the most is Boho Beautiful. Check it and subscribe, and know that you can do yoga even by yourself. In Malta there are many organized classes by a great yoga teachers. A couple of times I was on a class with yogu Balazc Heller. He organizes FitYoga classes early in the morning, usually for the weekends, and he does many other workshops and classes, and everything for better well being of the people.

The first time I went on his yoga classes was last year. You can read my experience on this link.

This class of yoga is made up of Vinyasa yoga, flowing with dynamic sequence of poses with synchronized breathing, Pilates exercises and meditation. The yogi Balazc is very experienced, and he really motivates the people. The class is made up of different generation of people, and it is suitable for everyone.

The last two classes took place in the Independence garden in Sliema, and I think it is the perfect spot. Today I started my morning with yoga in 8 am, and I can only tell you how great I feel during the whole day. Relaxed, energized, motivated and happy. When I got home I did a research on the history of yoga, and I am very willing of making it a part of my life.

I highly recommend you to give a chance to this ancient practice, I wan to believe that is the right way of becoming the best of you.

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